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This Fall/Winter 19/20 collection is a luxury womenswear collection that marries contrasting textural properties. The collection is inspired by Scandinavian countries, in particular Iceland, that embody the contrast between the breathtaking rugged landscapes, and the clean line minimalistic architecture. Gluggavedur is Icelandic for window-weather; weather that can only be enjoyed from indoors. This is the name of the Fall/Winter womenswear collection as this one word describes the entirety of the idea behind the inspiration.

The collection will showcase this inspiration through the textures introduced through the textiles chosen. The textiles are carefully hand picked to stay in line with luxury fashion and the promise to natural fibres. The design details will convey a strong sense of structure within the collection to mimic the inspiration of the Scandinavian architecture to give the line a look of luxury and minimalism.

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Gluggaveður (n.): window-weather. Window-weather describes weather that is nice to look at through a window.

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